Teaching Leaders How to Lead Effectively

When organizations understand the right leadership development strategy,
it positively impacts their bottom line.

77% of organizations report that they’re experiencing a leadership gap.

– Fast Company

My name is Dee French. I’m a Business Growth Strategist, and Leadership Mentor. I help leaders elevate the profit and productivity in their business, personal life, and relationships.

Stress Less. Do More. Enjoy Life!

 I specialize in helping entrepreneurs to scale and grow their business and simultaneously live fulfilling lives with their families. I run supportive communities and give breakthrough tool kits to entrepreneurs to facilitate their personal and business growth and free up time for them to dedicate to their families.

 If you want to scale to six and seven figures and live with fulfillment, then I will help you to achieve that.

 My Principles are straightforward when you TRANSFORM your thinking, generate more PROFIT, and make a greater IMPACT in your business, your family life, and your communities, you will be equipped to rapidly grow and scale your business and live the life you truly deserve.

 I have spent over 20 years developing the tools, materials, and experiences to help you to use these three principles along with my unique strategies and insights.


My Story

When I was 9 years old my dad would teach and show me the steps he used to help other entrepreneurs. It was all new and seemed foreign as a little kid who just wanted to play, however, my dad never gave up. He trained me even past my uncertainty and his love for helping others became my love for helping business owners and watching their dreams of entrepreneurship grow, and today, two generations later, even my daughter has traveled all over the world in school while sharing her love for entrepreneurship through her fashion.

So, I set aside my business to help her, and being a wife with 2 kids my focus was on my family.

However, I noticed something was missing: my love for my own business, so I started helping businesses again but this time I was faced with a failed marriage and the death of my dad. By not dealing with my current reality I not only lost money, but I went into depression as well.

As an aside, it’s scary to note that an article published in The Small Business Trends states that “62% of business owners feel depressed once a week.” Sad enough, this happens every day.

After speaking with numerous business owners, I knew I wasn’t alone. Even the most successful business owners have had this same problem at one time or another: lack of systems, process, and procedures. If I had placed systems, processes, and procedures into my business, then it could have still functioned successfully.

Every business owner asks the same question: “how can I grow my business?”

Shockingly, so many Business Growth Strategists always tell them marketing is the answer. However, the way I see it, is that your business is like a bucket, and customers are the water in the bucket. Too often, these buckets have holes in it and the water leaks out of it. It doesn’t matter how much water you are topping up into your bucket, if there are holes in the bucket it will always leak, and you’re constantly going to be topping up your bucket because you’re always running out of water. It’s not sustainable to keep topping up the bucket, especially since you’ve got many holes or big gaping ones.

In this analogy, marketing is topping up the bucket with water. Truth be told, after a while, this will become too hard and you’ll collapse from exhaustion. Unfortunately, I see that happen to many business owners – too many for comfort What we need to do is plug those holes first, and then fill the bucket. This way we’re not wasting valuable time, money, and effort into what’s clearly a recipe for disaster.

So you are not left with no clarity, no systems, or real processes to follow – and no growth.

We are an award-winning, highly-certified leadership development and executive coaching firm. With years of experience, we can improve every aspect of how you build your company culture and create growth.

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