About Us

We bring people, business, and technology together to bring you exceptional talent

About Efficiency Consulting

Efficiency Consulting listens to the clients’ needs and tailors their strategies for every client. 

We understand that every vacant position costs you money, time, and energy every day it stays vacant. This very reason is why hiring a retained search or talent specialist for a quick turnaround is necessary. Having a team assigned in your corner to assist with your business needs is the quickest way to close the hiring needs gap.

We start our process by giving boutique VIP service to your hiring needs to further understand the details of the company.

Our Team

The Efficiency Consulting team’s goal is to build long-lasting relationships with every client we partner with. Our team of talent specialists and recruiters uses various resources to screen and source your ideal candidates based on the positions.

We will be responsive throughout the entire process, from initial screening and interviewing to hiring the candidate and beyond.

Giving Back to the Community

Partnering with Efficiency Consulting helps the community of inner-city kids with 20% of funds donated to the success of young adults with economic education.